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Our propellers are manufactured to a high standard due to the        advanced production techniqus that we use.

About Us

We are a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacturer of aluminum and stainless steel boat propellers      for a wide range of different outboard motor brands.
We are a company that specializes in the manufacture of aluminum and stainless steel boat propellers for a wide range of different outboard motor brands. Over the years that we have been operating we have built up an excellent reputation. Our  propellers  are  manufactured to  a high standard  due the advanced production technique that we use. We are committed to research and development, particularly because we recognize that we must constantly develop new and innovative products in order to remain competitive in a market that is continuously changing. We are also committed to providing excellent customer service, with our professional staff ready to provide you with after sales support service.  
Our mission
The production of high quality products at reasonable prices , provide high quality service and establishing long-term partnerships with the aim of promoting the economic growth of our partners .

Our Products

Specializes in the manufacturer of  aluminum and stainless steel boat  propellers for a wide range of different outboard motor brands.
Our vision
     We aim to become a leader at outboard propellers market at Southeast Asia  and occupy a strong position in the world market


  • Which propeller is better : 3 blades or 4 blades.

    For many years now, owner of boats have debated  the questions of 3-blades versus 4-blades .
    Most outboards — 90 percent by some estimates — are equipped with three-blade propellers, and most offer strong performance. 3-blades props are popular because they tend to offer a performance compromise, a pleasing ( or at least satisfactory) blend  of acceleration ,fuel efficiency , lift and speed . If you want to improve acceleration, fuel efficiency or lift ,a  4 -blade propeller might help, 

  • Material of the propeller and possible damage during operation

    For outboard motors manufacturers usually use the aluminum propellers  and stainless steel propellers.. Aluminum propellers cheaper , than stainless steel propellers. The stainless steel prop allows to obtain a small increase in speed compared with aluminum propellers because of the possibility to make a thinner blade

  • The principle of operation of the propeller

    Propeller blades push water in one direction, while the boat is moving in the opposite direction. Rotating and pushing back the water, the propeller blades also create a vacuum on the front surface of each blade. This vacuum is so strong that it begin to explode surface air bubbles. When improper screw or not optimal conditions of his work, these bubbles can peel paint, and even with the surface of the aluminum propeller blades

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We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you. In the mean time please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about the products and services that we offer.
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